Midday Meditations

Lakeland's Only Midday Classical Concert Series
2019-2020 SEASON

The idea for “Midday Meditations” came from different large churches and colleges (the University of Notre Dame, for example) that have a series of live classical performances once a week around noon. Some of these are called “Bach’s Lunch” (Notre Dame, St. Luke’s Cathedral in Orlando) and even serve a light lunch after the concert! We don’t have any plans to serve lunch but don’t let that discourage you from coming. 

I’ve always thought that something like this would be a great idea, and in October of 2006, it becomes a reality at St. Joseph’s in Lakeland. The whole idea of live, middle of the day performances has never been done in Lakeland, as far as I know (other than recitals at the colleges). So this is certainly unique to our city and hopefully will be well-received. Our church is in a wonderful, downtown location—walking distance from dozens of businesses.

The idea is to have local musicians, both professional and amateur, come to the church and play a recital of slow, meditative classical music at 11:30 a.m. every other Friday from October through April. The concerts will last from 20 to 25 minutes and will be followed at 12:10 p.m. by our regular daily mass, for those wishing to stay.

The serene, slow music will allow listeners the chance to meditate, pray, chill-out or just listen and enjoy. These concerts will give performers a low-stress venue for playing some beautiful, classical music. Admission is free, so come when you can, as often as you would like.

Take a break away from the hustle and stress of the work week. Come and enjoy Midday Meditations at St. Joseph’s.

Patrick Fleitz
Director of Music Ministries